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Why are we here?

This NON-COMMERCIAL site is here to help you enjoy your coffee! Once you understand the ways to prepare this ancient gift, you will find yourself satisfied more than words can describe!

What’s Included

An overview on how coffee is made
Specifics on different brewing methods
Step by step tutorials beyond belief!
A bit of side commentary to be tolerated
Useful links
Not a single “add to cart” button on the site!
Not a single advertisement on the site!
Lots of help and how-to information on each page

The single goal is to get a wonderful cup of coffee on the table in front of you!

Where to Start

Take a look at the overview of brewing methods. Figure out what you would like to try and learn. Some of them are trivial, some are more complex. I personally like some better than others, and that will be evident once you start your journey.

Good luck on your journey. Understand that if you succeed in making that fabulous cup of joe, you will have friends and strangers, family and enemy alike, clamoring at your door on Sunday mornings. Just make sure you have an extra copy of the NY Times, LA Times or Washington Post, and it is heaven on earth. 

Good luck and good coffee.

Craig A. Haller 2006 | All Rights Reserved