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What is a Cold Brew Concentrator?

This is simply a device that allows coffee grinds to soak in room temperature water overnight. The device also has a method for draining the resulting liquid through a filter.

What do I need?

A cold brew device, available from several sources on the links page, coffee, and water. Optionally, you will want either an ibrik or a french press because you will probably not want to drink the result!

What type of coffee grind?

“Regular” or “coarse grind” is what the manufacturer recommends.

What else should I know?

Well, I just tried this after having done lots of reading and research. First let me inform you that I am not a “coffee nut,” or anything. I will even meet friends at Dunkin Donuts and drink their coffee! I like an excellent cup, but will not be difficult about it.

That being said, I don’t understand cold brewed coffee. 

I started with a pound of Starbucks French Roast coffee. I ground it somewhere between “drip” and “french press.” Then I cold brewed it for 13 hours. When we (I don’t do these things alone) tried it diluted 3:1 (water to concentrate, the “recommended” ratio), there was really no taste at all! At 2:1, it tasted like really insipid coffee-water. At 1:1 we knew it was coffee, but still, no taste, no zing, no zip. 

Step 1:

Place the plug into the bottom of the cold brewer.

Step 2:

Wet the filter with water until it is pliable. Place it into the filter recess in the bottom of the brewer.

Step 3:

Place one pound of “regular” or “coarse ground” coffee into the brewer.

Step 4:

Slowly pour 4 cups of cool water onto the grinds. Wait 5 minutes and slowly pour 5 additional cups of cool water on the grinds. Do not stir.

Step 5:

Wait 12 hours or more. They say you can wait up to 24.

Step 6:

While holding the brewer over a decanter, pull out the plug and place the brewer onto the decanter.

Step 7:

Wait for the concentrate to filter through. This can take up to 20 minutes.

Step 8:

Toss out the grinds. Either refrigerate or toss out the concentrate.

Step 9:

Apologize profusely to your guests, grab a french pot, and follow these directions.


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